Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a craze you'd endorse

The Tallest Man on Earth was fantastic last night - dynamic, engaging, appreciative of the audience. He played a bunch of new songs, and they really lived up to the music from "Shallow Grave." I'm really looking forward to a new release from him.

In other news, the weather is April Fooling to the max. Left for work in flurries and dismal skies this morning, came out of my last class to almost 50 and sunny.

I can handle the gray and dreary under certain circumstances. For instance, when I was in England with my family two years ago, we barely saw a sliver of sun, but it was wonderful nonetheless. (Side story, I was also epically sick the whole time, not so wonderful.)

I guess it was sunny in Windsor. I must not have noticed due to jet lag.

Also sunny our first morning in London, apparently. I'm sure I have pictures that back my "not sunny, still awesome" theory.

Not sunny, still awesome, twice. Two points. St. Margaret's might be one of the prettiest parts of Westminster.

Kensington: cloudy, gorgeous.

The fact that Oxford - as pictured above (Sheldonian Theatre, Christchurch, the moat around Christchurch) - worked within my theory increased my love for it even more, I did not realize that was possible.

In my epic dream future (you don't want to know), I will live in Oxford for a while.

Also in my epic dream future, someone will apply this song to me - in particular the cover I just linked you to.


  1. Brigid, those pictures are gorgeous.

  2. Thanks, but it wasn't by any skill of my own hand: there is no possible way to make any of those things less than beautiful.