Thursday, April 9, 2009

i wanna bring back the bison

So yesterday.

I had this long entry planned in which I was going to talk about I was in such a good mood for no real reason, when I should be stressed and concerned. But then I had the kind of evening that puts a pall on the rest of the day, even if it was awesome. But because the rest of the day wasn't actually good, I hit the edge and cried in a shopping mall and actually several other sundry places. If anyone has any advice on how to draw up a spare $500-some dollars, let me know, thanks.

I think the reason I am so worked up about my failures with technology is because they were really avoidable. Had I not tried to fix my phone with KrazyGlue, Verizon would have replaced it for free. Had I not tried to remove said glue with GooGone, it would not have soaked into the screen and messed my phone up even more. And apparently coffee or Coke was spilled on my keyboard at some point, putting me out another $315.

Awesomely, my warranties would have covered a non-glued phone replacement and a new top-case for a non-coffeed Mac. I am so awesome. I should probably drive over my iPod when I'm home just to round things out.

Also, people at malls are really bizarre. There are hordes of families with about eight children under four, hooligans who just stand around in the food court, the mall-walkers, seventh grade hookers, you know them all. It's stressful.

I am going home in about an hour. I am both afraid to face my mother and relieved that I can go somewhere that I can sleep with dogs and my little sister sharing my bed, watch movies, go out to eat, and sit across the street at my grandparents' and do nothing.

I will also get to have so much Catholic in my life in the next few days, which is always a good time. Go Jesus. Go totally cult events like the Easter Vigil.

Deep breath. And this:

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