Thursday, April 9, 2009

backstage with the modern dancers who feel it like i do

After an afternoon of fiascos at the mall with my mother, I'm home. And everyone left. My parents went to dinner with some of my dad's family. My sister went to a sleepover. And my brother is for sure causing a ruckus somewhere in this metropolis right now. And I am hungry but don't want to leave this chair since I am catching up on some serious DVR.

Moving takes too much effort.

So you can better understand my family, I will share with you some special reminders hung in the storage room at my great-aunt Phyl's. Being the Belgian-Czech-French-Germans that the Depreys are, these have probably been hanging on these shelves since the room was storage for the old store.

Look and learn from these words of wisdom (you may have to click and view larger to read):

Being home is a good thing.

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