Monday, April 13, 2009

'cause i'm walking in new shoes now

In real life, I do not like feet at all.

They are kind of gross and in general tend to creep me out. This probably also has something to do with the fact that my own feet are ugly as sin and are the least appealing feet ever ever.

But for some reason, I have lots of pictures of feet on my camera, taken both by me and by other people.

Feet in shoes.

Bare ocean feet.

Feet in Keds.

Ripped Chucks feet.

Kicking feet.

Guatamalan slipper feet.

Feet with rainbow socks.

Party feet.

After that little Dr. Seuss fun, the word feet no longer holds any meaning to me.

In other news:

It was Easter. We went to the Easter Vigil up north, and I almost slapped the girl in front of us. Not a very Easter-Christian sentiment, but seriously, most obnoxious and ill-behaved kid I have ever seen at church. And she had to have been about ten. Come on.

Easter morning, back in Allouez, my grandpa ate a seashell because he thought it was a candy. That caused a serious ruckus. It was also highly entertaining. And weird. And kind of sad.

If you got this far, wow. You made it through a huge amount of bad pictures of feet plus Easter whining. I'm seriously impressed with you.

Triple word score if you clicked that link.

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