Thursday, May 7, 2009

say what you will - i don't care. i couldn't resist it.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. As finals grow ever nearer, it has become necessary for me to photograph myself in varying states of sleeplessness, stress, disarray, and confusion in order to keep a visual record of why I should keep up in my homework instead of procrastinating.

Obviously this has failed and instead has led me to waste more time by sharing some special favorites of me looking like a crazy person here. I admit to being about 74.3% insane. Here is some photographic evidence.

No commentary necessary.

Apparently rocking the side-pony and a beater. I was probably either wearing no pants or jorts. Seeing how this is in the dorm, probably no pants.

Second occurrence of the side-pony. This time you can also see my boyfriend, the body pillow.

Raspberry beret. Red Bull Cola. Nothing good can come of this combo.

The day after Mifflin. Accomplished nothing, wore a headband.

Me right now. This is wonderment over why I would choose to spend time making this post when I have 12 pages to write.

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